The need for manufacturers, industries, ships or administrations to have a fibre-optic network or its components is continuously increasing. Fibre-optic cables are used in order to ensure high speed and extremely high reliability, as well as the option of connecting remote points.

Our company provides fibre-optic cable installation, welding and measurements services. We are able to perform quite a number of works at one time. Our fleet of equipment currently has over ten Fujikura welding machines. We can weld single-mode and multi-mode fibre-optic cables, as well as we have power meters and special mobile laboratories for outdoor work.

Our services
  • Laying and connecting fibre-optic (optical) cables in communication sewers, collectors. Installation of fibre-optic couplers and junction boxes. Installation of cables in buildings, apartments, offices;
  • Laying and connecting fibre-optic (optical) cables in buildings using newly installed or existing communication channels, troughs, ladder racks. Installation of fibre-optic cables for computer workstations, installation of commutation cabinets and active and passive network devices;
  • Connection of fibres of fibre-optic (optical) cables is performed using high quality FUJIKURA welding machines. Welding of optical fibres (fibre optic welding);
  • Measurements using reflectometers and power meters;
  • Commutation of special purpose equipments;
  • Installation of optical converters;
  • Operation of fibre-optic networks (measurements, elimination of the consequences of emergencies);
  • Installation of couplers;
  • Installation of ODFs;
  • Overall preparation of a project (design, documentation);
  • Maintenance and servicing of fibre-optic networks.
Our clients

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