Security alarm systems

A security alarm is a measure to prevent possible theft or entry of unwanted persons into the area or premises. A security alarm helps identify what action triggered the security system.

There are a number of technologies used to protect premises or perimeter. One of them includes special sensors attached to windows and doors. When the alarm is activated, windows and doors should not be opened. Opening windows or doors when the alarm is active triggers the alarm, and the intended contact person is given a notification (via SMS, phone call, etc.), as well as an audible siren can be activated or relevant information sent to the security company, if the alarm control panel is connected to the control panel of the security company.

The motion sensor alarm works in a similar way: when the alarm is activated and someone moves in the monitored room, the alarm is triggered and starts operating according to the algorithms set by you.

The operation of the perimeter security systems is based on the same principle. Having this type of security system installed, you can protect large objects outdoors. Special sensors that have direct visibility between each other are installed around the area to be protected. If someone tries to get into the area, that person has to cross the zone of visibility. When the direct visibility zone of the sensors is crossed, an alarm is triggered and the system shows where the direct visibility zone was violated and, this way, the location of the intrusion is identified.

What are options for the use of security alarm systems?
  • Creation of separate protection areas;
  • Remote control and possibility to control additional devices (gates, doors, lighting, and temperature via GSM phone and SMS messages);
  • Provide you with information about any changes in the object in a way convenient for you (by phone, SMS, e-mail);
  • Possibility to connect an alarm and an external microphone;
  • Remote programming;
  • Possibility to listen;
  • Possibility to connect to the control panel of a security company;
  • Possibility to connect video surveillance and fire safety systems;
  • Possibility to connect to a ‘smart home’ or ‘smart office’ (BMS systems).
Where are security and perimeter alarm systems used?
  • Apartments;
  • Houses;
  • Offices;
  • Factories;
  • Construction sites.

Security and perimeter alarms are closely related to the installation of computer and telecommunication networks. We advise you to consult with our specialists before installing a security alarm. They will evaluate the project in a broader perspective and propose the most effective solutions.

Fire alarm systems

The purpose of a fire alarm is to inform the user, building manager or fire services of a potential or actual fire hazard.

There are two types of fire alarm systems: addressable and conventional. The advantage of an addressable fire alarm system over a conventional one is that it detects a fire focus with the accuracy of a detector, and a conventional one only with the accuracy of a zone. Of course, addressable fire alarm systems are more expensive than conventional ones.

There are also two types of detectors: smoke and heat. Smoke detectors react to changes in the concentration of particulate matter (smoke), while heat detectors to changes in the ambient temperature. Upon detecting smoke or a rise in temperature, the detectors are activated and transmit the information about the change of status to the system. The system transmits a message about a potential or real hazard to the user, informs the security services, activates fire-extinguishing systems, etc.

Our services
  • Audit of the premises or environment;
  • Development of the security and/or fire alarm system and the solution;
  • Installation of the system;
  • Maintenance of the system.
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