Discussion and simultaneous interpretation systems are commonly used in meeting rooms and municipal council halls, conference and congress centres, or during other larger events where the order and the opportunity for each participant to speak during discussions has to be ensured.

Discussion systems consist of a central unit and desktop consoles with microphones. The latter, depending on the type of a hall, may be built into the table surface, placed on it or wireless.

The discussion system may be used not only for facilitating discussions but also for the purposes of voting. This means that the console of each participant may have an ID card or fingerprint scanner, as well as special buttons intended for voting. In the new generation consoles, the buttons are replaced by touch-sensitive screens that perform the functions of conventional discussion system consoles and have new features added: using screens and integrated cameras allow you to participate in video conferences, as well as view the required documents and other visual material.

Simultaneous interpretation systems are used for large-scale events and discussions involving representatives of different countries. During delivery of a speech, professional interpreters sitting in closed interpreting booths are following the speech through headphones and providing simultaneous interpretation into the relevant foreign language. At the same time, with the help of simultaneous interpretation receivers, participants can listen to the speaker through headphones in real-time and in a language that they understand. Ultimately, these two discussion and simultaneous interpretation systems will ensure smooth communication and mutual understanding for all participants in the discussion.

To ensure the possibility for non-attendees to view an event, as well as the possibility to broadcast and record an event, Lantel can offer a solution that will make it easy to implement this. In this case, controlled motion cameras are installed in the meeting room that follow the talking participants and transmit the image to the recording/broadcasting device. This way, each participant taking part in the discussion is seen in the video, as well as, where necessary, the viewers can see the slides of the presentation delivered during the broadcast.

Installation of such equipment requires a complex solution involving several different systems, therefore, professionals at Lantel will not only advice on the matter but will also design the entire solution and take care of the installation, including a 5-year warranty for the equipment.
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