Video surveillance systems help remotely monitor large areas or many areas simultaneously.

There is a saying ‘Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times’, consequently, video surveillance systems have advantages over security alarms. Security alarms just identify a threat at a specific location, without letting us see what exactly has happened. Video surveillance systems ensure the possibility to see what is going on at a particular location.

There are different types of cameras intended for specific purposes. The choice of a camera depends on the object we wish to monitor and the result we aim to achieve. If our objective is limited to seeing if somebody is inside the area under surveillance, then we use simple black-and-white cameras. 360-degree cameras are most suitable for offices and shops, while high optical zoom and high-resolution cameras are required for city surveillance. You will use certain type of cameras if you need to scan car numbers and connect the data to lift gate systems, but completely different type of cameras will be required if you need to measure the flows of people. There is a truly great variety of options when it comes to cameras – the choice depends on your needs and budget.

Our services
  • Inspection and assessment of the situation and the object;
  • Selection of the appropriate video solution;
  • Installation and setup of the video system;
  • Development and installation of the data storage solution;
  • Connection of the video surveillance system to the security panel;
  • Connection of the video surveillance system to other systems: security alarm, perimeter alarm, fire alarm;
  • Maintenance of the video surveillance system.
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