Professional audio solutions are usually required for venues were various events and live performances take place, such as cultural and conference centres, churches, theatres, as well as broadcast or recording studios.

Depending on the room where a professional sound solution is required, the specifics of the relevant audio system vary. For example, the transformation of the halls of cultural centres is often fairly minimal; therefore, the sound systems for the stages of the venues of this type are installed permanently and are usually as compact as possible, aiming to integrate them so as not to interfere with the overall looks of the interior of the hall.

As for concert halls, they commonly undergo transformations based on the genre of a performance or the scale of an event. Therefore, when it comes to such spaces, it is extremely important that the sound system is universal and mobile in use, as well as easy to adapt to the number of spectators and to ensure uniform sound intensity distribution within the entire space occupied by the audience. As the layout of the concert halls changes quite often, it is important that the audio equipment is adapted for convenient and quick re-mounting, which would enable to save staff time and effort in the future.

When audio equipment is used in conference halls and centres, the focus is on the high-quality presentation of the voice of a speaker. As a result, conference centres typically choose a set of fixed or portable audio equipment that can be flexibly adapted to their existing facilities.

Slightly different professional audio solutions are required for theatres. Only an extremely high-level system can suit the needs of a modern theatre and at the same time be adapted to the acoustically sensitive theatrical environment. To ensure for theatre spaces the versatility, enabling to perform in various genres, an electroacoustic system may also be installed, which actively changes the acoustics of the hall and adjusts the reverberation time.

Churches represent another environment that requires a lot of attention to be paid to acoustics when designing the audio system. The reverberation time in churches is extremely long, which requires special attention when it comes to selecting correct components of the sound equipment and locations for their installation, as well as when adjusting the installed equipment. The complete opposite of the acoustical environments of churches is recording studios, as they require completely different professional audio solutions. The audio solutions most commonly used there include extremely high-performance nearfield monitors and multi-channel audio processing equipment.

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