Aiming to save as much of their precious time as possible, these days customers tend to outsource to Lantel the management and coordination work concerning AV projects.

Starting from the first stage of a project, specialists of our company assist in clearly defining the needs and finding the most suitable AV solution and, where the client wishes so, they organise the presentation of the demonstration equipment for testing and approval of the relevant solution as well.

Once the customer’s needs are clarified, the design stage starts. Within this stage, competent specialists of Lantel develop a technical project in cooperation with the representatives of the customer. After signing the contract for the implementation of the selected solution, our company’s responsibility is to deliver the equipment, to ensure a proper compatibility and professional installation of the systems, and to implement the entire project by the scheduled deadline. During the implementation of the project, a close cooperation with other contractors of the customer takes place to coordinate the layout and installation of the equipment and to meet the set deadlines for completion of works.

This means that customers do not have to worry about the progress of the project and the problems that may occur in the course of the entire project execution and management period, which often enables to avoid potential hindrances and, this way, helps the client to save some part of the costs.

In order for the project to be completed and to ensure a proper and high quality use of the purchased equipment and the implemented solutions to the customer, Lantel performs the configuration and programming of the audio, video and conference equipment, and installs the necessary licenses. Apart from that, taking into account the acoustics of the premises, we will adjust the sound systems, as well as will prepare the documentation required for the proper use of the equipment, and will train the customer’s staff in using the purchased equipment.

Following the implementation of the project, our company provides warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment, as well as, in the event of any failure or system malfunction, the customer can contact Lantel through the troubleshooting system. When a malfunction is registered in the system, the specialists responsible will receive a notification and, in cooperation with the representatives of the manufacturer, will eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Our company has extensive experience in project management. Lantel is a trusted partner of such companies as Danske Bank AS, SEB Bank, Avia Solutions Group, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, DEV Bridge and other.
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