Nowadays, buildings, spaces or events of significance to a city are hardly imaginable without a proper lighting. Lighting helps to create a desired atmosphere or cosiness for buildings and spaces and attract the attention of passers-by. This way, older buildings can be enlivened and gain a ‘new existence’, and new ones can acquire an exceptional looks and have their architectural solutions highlighted.

Architectural lighting can be designed not only for buildings you wish to have illuminated but also for specific objects, such as bridges, sculptures, monuments. The light used to illuminate objects may be coloured or white. The latter is commonly used for the outdoor lighting of cultural objects to highlight the old architecture. Coloured lighting helps to enliven buildings or certain objects, as well as may be used during celebrations or various commemorations, as the lighting may be adapted to a specific occasion, say, decorating a building or object with the tricolour lights to mark the 16th of February, etc. Architectural lighting controls can be pre-programmed according to predetermined scenarios, as well as be controlled in real time from the location of a building or object or remotely via the Internet or SMS messages.

Artistic lighting involves lighting solutions intended for certain spaces, such as museums and conference centres, as well as accent lighting solutions for events, such as banquets, receptions and commemorations. In this case, coloured lighting is used more often, and, depending on the artistic solution, it can be not only static but can also create a movement effect based on changing lighting.

Another type of lighting is stage lighting. These lighting solutions are used for events and performances in such places as cultural centres, theatres, concert halls, conference centres, and so on. The equipment used for stage lighting is highly dependent on the genre of the stage performance. For example, static lighting of extremely high quality dominates theatre lighting solutions, coloured and effect lighting is used for concerts, while white light and accent lighting is commonly used for conferences.

If you need to use lighting for different spaces or scenarios, Lantel can also offer a mobile solution that may be adapted to predefined scenarios.

Our professionals at Lantel have accumulated extensive experience in the design and installation of theatre and concert halls, conference and cultural centres; therefore, we can offer the most suitable solution and outcome based on the customer’s needs.
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