Cinema is a favourite pastime of many, attracting a large number of viewers to enjoy a high-quality video and audio experience. In order for a cinema to operate successfully, it is very important to develop the vision of the cinema correctly in the initial stage of the movie theatre design, as well as to select the future equipment and the proper arrangement of the spectator seats.

One of the most important and the most expensive elements of a movie theatre system is a cinema projector. It is this particular choice what determines the quality of a film shown, the engagement of the audience and the commercial success in terms of the return on the initial investment. When choosing a projector, it is important to take into consideration the resolution of films to be shown in the future. The ability to show 4K resolution movies, which is a higher video resolution than conventional movie theatres can offer, may help attracting additional visitors and this way ensure an advantage over your competitors.

When evaluating the long-term payback of a projector, a common dilemma is choosing the type of projector light source. Although majority of movie theatres in Lithuania still use lamp projectors, laser projectors are increasingly gaining ground in newly installed movie theatres. Despite the fact that they require a greater investment at the initial stage of acquisition, a better cost recovery may be observed in the long-run due to lower day-to-day costs and much cheaper maintenance.

The advantage of the laser light source is also evident in those movie theatres that value extremely high quality when showing 3D movies. It is the feature of laser technology, allowing a very wide adjustment of the power of the light source, what results in stable and high light intensity when showing both 2D and 3D movies using the same projector.

High-quality sound is no less important for viewers watching a movie. Lantel can offer customers both cost-efficient and extremely high-quality sound solutions that will be custom-tailored to a specific movie theatre. In order for the content planned to be shown to involve the viewer as much as possible, we also suggest acquiring cinema seats. They can be both conventional, tailored to the cinema design, or with integrated vibration or motion effects.

If you wish to achieve an integrated movie theatre concept, we will also take care of the installation of equipment, such as professional screens or background sound, at ticket sales points.

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