Museums in Lithuania are gradually entering a new phase. As technology evolves, they can offer visitors increasingly modern technical solutions, helping to achieve a greater engagement of each visitor. Such solutions involve both audio and video as well as lighting innovations, which, to create the effect, are commonly used as a complex solution and homogeneous system.

In search of the best way to achieve the effect, each museum needs individual and often complex solutions. Our company can offer customers a wide range of solutions: starting with the creation and installation of the most conventional exposition concept and ending with an interactive installation where audio, video and light solutions intertwine.

Depending on the complexity of the idea to be implemented, interactive screens can be installed, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the content offered by a museum by touching the screen surface. Large video projections, which are perfect for educational programmes, are a good option as well, and, based on the wishes of the customer, we can also offer a completely exclusive solution, involving the use of touch-sensitive sensors or 3D cameras that capture the movements of visitors, activating various audio, video and lighting scenarios and thus creating a fully interactive environment.

In addition to the conventional audio solutions, we can also offer a spot sound solution. It differs from the usual ones in that it is activated only when the visitor is standing in a specific place or position, which helps to create an exceptional content and atmosphere in the museum.

In the case of static exhibits in museums, we can also provide active glass solutions. It is a technology where a transparent LCD or OLED display is integrated into regular glass. Thanks to this technology, visitors can learn more about the relevant exhibit, while the installation acquires a modern looks and thus attracts the visitors’ attention. For those following the latest developments, we can also offer a holographic pyramid. Using this technology, special elements can be designed around a physical object inside the pyramid that will be visible to visitors from all sides.

You can view the solutions already implemented by Lantel in the Lithuanian Maritime Museum. Our company has installed the 2nd exhibition hall, where interactive screens and projections were used, and an authentic ploughshare was created – touching the ploughshare handles activates a projection. We have also installed a huge interactive table using ultra short throw projectors.
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