The solutions involve systems that enable a group of people to communicate and collaborate with each other over a distance and are usually installed in meeting and conference rooms. The necessary elements of video conferencing systems are screens, cameras, microphones and speakers.

Two types of video conferencing systems can be distinguished based on the size of a meeting room for which they are intended: systems for small meeting rooms designed for 2-6 people and for medium meeting rooms designed for 8-20 people.

When it comes to small meeting rooms, the biggest challenges to be faced there is a usually small distance between the camera and the people attending the meeting, therefore, a particularly wide viewing angle of the camera is required. Apart from that, if the number of people participating in a video call is small, the automatic zooming in function of such a system is no less important. Thanks to this function, a video call will be focused only on the people sitting and communicating at the meeting, which means that no additional unnecessary space will be seen on the screen.

Smaller meeting rooms are also commonly equipped with smaller desks, therefore we suggest choosing systems that save desk space and have all the necessary elements – camera, microphones and speakers – integrated in a single device.

In the case of medium and large meeting rooms, the microphones and speakers in the systems of the old type used to be integrated into a single device that was usually placed in the middle of the table. Lantel recommends a solution where the speakers are attached to the screen and the microphones remain on the table, as this helps the interlocutors to maintain eye contact during the conversation.

Another equally relevant thing to be taken into consideration is that, in larger meeting rooms, desks often come in non-standard shapes, so it is important to make sure that the adequate number and correct layout of microphones is selected for the project implementation.

For a video conference call to run smoothly, especially in medium and large meeting rooms, systems with a dedicated computer are used, and a touchscreen controller is used to manage the call. In case of such a solution, no personal computer is required to make a call. You can choose one of the chat platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) for you call. Still, it is important to know that there always remains the option of using your personal computer for making video calls.

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