Today, a properly designed and installed background sound system is an integral part of every cafe, restaurant, store or business centre, as well as it is an especially important feature and brings a considerable added value. 

Background sound enables the creation of a different atmosphere in different spaces: it may enliven the environment or, conversely, have a soothing effect, based on the relevant need. Background sound is used both in commercial undertakings, e.g., shops and supermarkets, and in recreational facilities, such as hotels and spas, as well as in business and entertainment centres.

To adapt the background sound solutions to the interior and the space itself, as well as to select the appropriate equipment that would best perform its function in the said space, is another important task. Depending on the solution selected and the space itself, the speakers of the background audio system may be installed directly in the ceilings of suspended type, as well as be mounted on the walls or lowered from the open ceilings.

It should be noted that different sound levels are required in areas of different functionality, and that background sound may also be used as a sound masking system to hide unwanted noise or increase confidentiality, while creating a cosy and pleasant environment at the same time. When initially planning and selecting the right components, the background sound system can also be used as part of an evacuation system. In this case, the same speakers will be used for both purposes and there will be no need to install additional cables and separate speakers, which will save additional costs for the customer.

Actually, it should be noted that the main audio source preferred by the majority of customers today is an online radio, as well as the Spotify or Deezer music platforms. We can offer smart and convenient solutions for music and sound level control, as needed.

For luxurious or specific spaces, where complete minimalism in the interior is sought, Lantel offers an exclusive sound solution: ‘invisible’ speakers.

Their biggest advantage is that they are installed directly into the ceiling or walls and then the installation place is plastered and painted, which makes the speakers completely ‘invisible’. Despite that, their sound level remains extremely high and of high quality when using special sound processors. Such exclusive solutions are usually chosen by private clients, as well as such ‘invisible speakers’ are used in museums and when installing luxury hotel rooms and meeting or conference halls.

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