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Active learning

Unique active learning environment

The iMO-LEARN concept consists of innovative seats with or without motion sensors, a handbook with 53 exercises, and three learning methods: dynamic sitting, analog active learning and digital kinesthetic learning. It comes in different learning domains: mathematics, linguistics, balance exercises and challenging puzzles.


Ergonomic, sustainable materials

The seats are made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) which explains their unusual shape. They are lightweight and can cope with rough handling during normal use. EPP is moisture-resistant and offers good resistance to high temperatures. In addition, it is recyclable and has a low-emission manufacturing process.


Flexible, scalable configuration

iMO-LEARN provides four basic configurations that are easy to set up in the classroom environment. These configurations are only the starting point. It is up to the teachers and pupils to come up with more, and put them into practice.


DynamDigital learningic, digital learning

iMO-LEARN combines learning and moving, which will enable children to learn more intensively and give their creativity free rein. When the seats are equipped with the custom-designed motion sensor, they can be easily linked to the i3LEARNHUB online software. The result: a learning system using the digiboard software, which provides instant feedback to teachers and pupils.

Designed by teachers

Designed by teachers and pupils, for teachers and pupils

The 53 basic exercises, the shape and material of the seats and the various teaching concepts have all been developed in close collaboration with eight teachers and 100 pupils. This intense co-creation process resulted in a unique, innovative learning environment.


'Did you know that you learn better when you move around a lot? With iMO-LEARN, we will show you how that works.'

The advantages of iMO-LEARN

  • Flexible learning environment based on physical activity
  • Ergonomic design, sustainable concept and materials
  • Option to connect with i3LEARNHUB online software
  • Developed by teachers and pupils, for teachers and pupils
  • 53 basic exercises provided as a starter kit, options for creative expansion
  • Dynamic seating, active learning, and kinesthetic learning all in one product
  • An unprecedented learning experience due to a more in-depth and intense learning environment

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